Orion the Hunter: A Tarot Spread for Troubled Times

I had gotten the itch to create tarot spreads once again. This time, my inspiration came from the constellation Orion, seen in many cultures as either a hunter or warrior in the heavens.

Orion Tarot Spread

This spread is designed to be used in times that feel like a particular struggle, or fight- those times in life when only embracing our inner warrior will see us through.

1: Betelgeuse- What is your fight? What is the essence of your troubles? What has spurred you to take action?
2: Rigel- What foundation do you stand on? What is your “rock” when things are bad?
3: The Weapon’s Point: your greatest advantage in this fight. How you might strike the greatest blow.
4/5: At the Hunter’s Belt, your resources readily at hand.
6: Bellatrix/ The Warrior’s Heart- What is the nature of your inner flame? What does your inner warrior offer in guidance?
7: A Fallback Plan- What should you do if things turn south? What actions should you consider taking in the event you fail?
8: Keep Your Wits- How do you keep your thoughts level and your eyes on the goal?
9: Keep Up Your Strength- How to look after your physical health and your willpower.
10-12: The Shield- How to keep your guard up and shield yourself from the onslaught of bullshit.
13: Tipping Point- How to turn the tide of this struggle in your favor.
14: Warrior’s Rest- How best to care for yourself when all is said and done.

Happy reading, and blessings of the starry summer nights to you,



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