Full Moon Readings for February 2017

February 2017 (1).png

Hello, all! It’s that time again: This serves as the reminder post for the Full Moon on February 11th, 2017. All three of my available slots for January were taken within the first day of my posting for it, and I very much enjoyed being able to give those people their readings.

As always, these free readings will include a picture of your reading, and a detailed interpretation of the spread. These will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There are two methods by which you may contact me for this service: via the contact page on this blog, or via the “ASK” button on my Tumblr account. Please, in the greeting for your request include the month/year you are requesting a reading for (example: ‘Hi, I’m _______. I’d like to request a slot for the full moon of January 2017!’) so that I can keep them all separate in my inboxes. Then, feel free to leave me a question you’d like answered or a brief explanation of a situation you’d like a reading on. If you message me on Tumblr, please include an e-mail address to which I can send your reading once it is finished.

Some helpful tips are included on my tarot readings page on this blog.

Also: This coming full moon will be in the fiery sign of Leo and falls three days before Valentine’s Day! Perhaps this would be a good time to ask about matters of self love, romance, and creative endeavors? 😉 I look forward to hearing from you!